Jar of Fools

by Seth Greenberg

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Rav It's like Radiohead but better Favorite track: Jar of Fools (For My Child + Shake Up).
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released October 23, 2016

Call your friends, make sure they're alright

"Jar of Fools (For My Child + Shake Up)" -> AM Radio, Portland Metro Area
"Thunder Underground" -> "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by Wallace Stevens (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

Kesiah Manival

Special Thanks:
Susan + David + Zoe Greenberg, Giovana Oaxaca, Denis Berberovic, Missy Birnbaum, Rebecca Kahn, Ravahn E, Patrick Yacob-Andrus , Eric Kimmel, everyone else

Greenberg Bedroom Studios™️



all rights reserved


Seth Greenberg Portland, Oregon

Seth makes dark, introspective music from his bedroom. He's fine, thanks for asking.

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Track Name: Jar of Fools (For My Child + Shake Up)
For My Child:

You are the lynchpin to this entire operation
You are the oxytocin to my tears
The skeleton that holds every single one of my fears
Lets try it on then play catch in the yard

One day you'll grow up to lose your mind
Latch the fence in the meantime so it doesn't stray far
Smile like you mean it
Let the laughter pull your face apart
Drag the pieces in like a cat at the doorstep

Shake Up:

Sometimes I feel like one of those white boys on tv
So I shoot for the stars even if I land in a puddle
And I guess my brain isn't quite plugged in yet
So I keep dodging questions and mountains of you

Children afraid
Watch out

I've got a score to settle with some bullet points and thumb tacks
And a whole wide world waiting for a response
Somebody tell me what would happen if you shook a jar of fools
Would they just crumble?
Or just grumble?

Children afraid
Watch out
Track Name: Fear Of
(Fear of fear I got it fear of fear of fear i got it got it) (This is not healthy behavior for a whale)

I am not outside today
Focus on the happy place between my eyes
Feed me sun and ventilation bills
I'm the only window with its lights still on

And I will wave till I am blown away

I am hiding from the webs
That wept at my doorstep
Don't blow me down
I can stay as long as straw breaks bone

And I will wave till I am blown away

I am everything
I am dust in the wind
Track Name: Soundtrack for a Movie I Will Never See
Sweat and dust and blood everywhere
You have come now you are two
Now who are you

Mismatched doors will flutter
The curtains will call to the wild
And the safe will crack your skull open
You are not me you are not my friend
This lonely dog will catcall to the wind

I should have known
I should have known
The bottom of your foot is a God against my stone face
Track Name: Justice, Justice
I can see
I can breathe for the first time
Your ears are ringing
Answer so I can wrestle with your voice

Who has broken your angel wings?
No sympathy for the devil
Who is lonely six miles underground?
Thrown away

I'll be the dirt
I'll keep you warm
Track Name: Bustle
Running to catch a train
While feet are obsolete
Scream to feed the need
To blow off steam
And chug along
I'm still growing
But I'm not getting any taller
I need closure
I want to know what time it is

Just keep going
Just keep on going
Downtown's not funny anymore

If I stay here
Don't say you didn't warn me
I can sleep as much as I can handle
I'll see where it takes me
I can't breathe
Lets bustle on out of here

Just keep going
Just keep on going
Downtown's not funny anymore

You must be hanging on the side
We've lost the conductor too
We've gone off the rails